Saturday, January 15, 2011

At the break of dreams

It's true that you have gone away
Never to return, or so it seems;
But love once found is never lost.
And so I know that we will meet again
At the break of dreams.


  1. Kindred Spirit, I have the impression that you feel the pain of having lost someone very dear to you, someone who has gone away...

    If so, I am very sorry.

  2. It is not so bad, Robert, because it was once upon a dream, and dreams only rarely come true. Thank you for writing, and may God bless you for your kind words.

  3. Thank You. You're very brave; sometimes dreams that don't come true are the most painful. You are in my prayers, and thank you for yours.

    By the way, I've given up my own blog.

  4. Robert, I read a couple of your blog posts. If not for them, I never would have found your book "Remembering with Mary" for the Kindle. Thank you for writing this wonderful short book that is filled with so much understanding.

  5. Hannah, I am so glad you like the booklet and have found it useful. If I should happen to start my blog gain, I will let you know. God bless you.