Sunday, December 20, 2009

I wish you Love

The winter winds blow cold,
the soft June breeze is far away:
much time has come and gone.
Today, as Christmas eve approaches,
have I sought and found the courage
to read once more--I could not before now--
the last words that you wrote to me:
they were so strange.

From some hidden, dark recess within you
they came forth--as a draught
laced with anger and reproach,
the likes of which, 'til then,
I had not knowledge or taste:
nor braced myself
against that which I did not foresee--
a drink to lay waste to love.
No sooner had I sipped, its bitterness
sent a chill through my veins.
The blade of your words cut deeply,
the scar remains.

Yet, in the season of our Hope,
when our God comes as a little Child,
our King brings peace to those
whose will is good and mild. And so
I wish you everything He wants for you.
Though it is true that I do not understand
I forgive, dear friend I never knew.
And I wish you Love.

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